T-Bird Achievement Center (TAC)

The YMCA and Ford Middle School partner to offer students TAC after school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Students start TAC off with snack. Students are given a healthy snack option, while taking time to unwind from the day and socialize with each other. Students also participate in a student/lead topic and/or reflect on an inspirational quote, perform, read poetry, etc. which encourages student leadership, youth development and social responsibility.
From snack, students head to Academic Hour. Ford teachers and staff are available for students to gain academic support and assist with questions, while completing school work in a structured learning environment.
After Academic Hour, students have Enrichment. Students have four to five enrichment based “clubs” to choose from. This hour fuels motivation, passions, interests and allows diversity in cultural learning and creativity. Students will also be introduced to nutrition principles and fitness.