8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion to High School
Promotion Stars


Our promotion ceremony has not been scheduled for the 2018-19 school year yet. Please check back in the Spring.

In order for an 8th grade student to be eligible to take part in the promotion ceremony and promotion party, the student must be passing all academic classes and have the correct number of promotion points.

 Only students who have earned the correct number of promotion points by JUNE 5th will be permitted to participate in the party and ceremony. Students with outstanding fines may not be able to participate in these functions. Please ensure that all student fines have been paid or reconciled by checking with the cashier.

 Current promotion point totals will be available for each student at the
May student-led conferences.

You are encouraged to use Online Grades to track your student’s progress.

Promotion Dress Code

Students may wear any clothing that meets Ford Middle School’s dress policy.

This is an important day and students may wear something they usually wear to school or choose to dress up for the event. Please assist your student in selecting clothing that meets our dress code requirements. Clothing should be modest in nature, cover shoulders, extend past fingertip length, and not include sagging pants. For more dress code information, please contact our main office at 253-298-3600.